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VTM(Video Teller Machine),also known as Smart ATM,is an innovative banking solution that integrates HD Video & Audio Conferencing technology with core banking system. Customers can complete 95% of transactions which are conducted at the counter by self-service, following instructions given by remote teller or the system.


Personalized Customer Service

According to different transaction requests of customers, VTM will allocate the tasks to tellers, account managers, or financing experts. The new banking way will bring users better customer experience, ease the pain waiting in line and asking different bank staff to serve. Besides, the remote tellers in call center will work and be trained together. Thus improves serviceability, provides customers standard and professional services.


Flexible Service Time & Location

The video teller machine can be deployed not just in bank branches but also in communities. Customers can conduct transactions in the nearest VTM beyond bank working time as long as the call center provides remote teller supports.


Branchless Banking

Building a brick and mortar branch is expensive. The rent, personnel pay, office consumption all cost. Instead, VTM can act as community bank branch without so much cost. It enables banks get in touch with more potential clients and expand market share in a cost-effective way.


Comprehensive Monitor and Management System

Nantian has developed a comprehensive monitor and management system integrating the core banking system. With the system, bank can monitor the operating condition of ATM, self-service terminals and VTM. The reports generated on the operation condition of all the terminals will help decision makers work out intelligent strategies on the development of business accordingly.




Open new bank account and card dispensing

Account balance check and transfer

Purchase financing products

Daily bill payment

PIN Change

Statement Printing



Ergonomic and compact structure

Modular design for easy maintenance

Rich options can be added

ISO8583, VISA,EMV,PCI Certified

Supports fingerprint, palm vein recognition

Digital signature applicable

Color of cabinet can be tailored

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