The ProCash 285 is a new weatherized cash dispenser in Wincor Nixdorf’s ProCash product family. The elegant machine comes with the familiar capacity and reliability that ProCash systems offer. It combines a small footprint with superior German technology. Robust and compact design The rearload system is ideal for use in outdoor environments, where a robust machine type is needed. With a through-the-wall installation, the compact system fits easily into wall openings and is ideal for places where space is a limiting factor. The system’s performance and resilience are reliable, proven to reduce queues and speed up transaction throughout, and as a result ensure easy maintenance and satisfied customers.

„ProCash 285“ can be intergrated with „.iQ“ family product „ATMeye.iQ“, which is an integrated hardware and software solution that provides additional safety and security for self-service devices and their users. The system monitors events in and around self-service devices 24/7, thereby reducing the risk of fraud and vandalism and helping to resolve disputes with customers.



The ProCash 285 is the perfect choice for:


·         Customers who want to focus on cash handling and not on Cash Cycle Management

·         Customers who are looking for a compact and robust cash dispenser

·         Suitable for deployment with TTW requirements

·         Markets where differentiating ATMs through non-price related selling points is difficult or not possible

·         Customers who are looking for a cash dispenser that offers good value at a competitive price

·         Bank customers with disabilities or literacy problems who will benefit from ergonomic features like braille labelling or easy accessibility

·         End users who need banking services and reside in places with harsher weather conditions



·         Installation type: Through-the-wall

·         15 inch high brightness screen

·         Barcode Reader

·         Various configuration options for: Safe & lock, PC and memory, Portrait- / cash slot camera, Journal printer

·         Security measures like Biometric Reader, Anti Skimming II,

·         portrait-/cash slot camera

·         Illuminated customer guidance as well as audio

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