The CINEO C6040 is part of the unique technology concept and a component of Wincor Nixdorf‘s revolutionary Cash Cycle Management™ Solutions portfolio. The cash recycling ATS is based on a completely new technology approach, with an innovative banknote storage concept as its core element. This makes it possible for banks and retailers to interchange one and the same cassette between all systems in the CINEO cash series.




The groundbreaking technology platform optimizes cash replenishment and pick-up processes. Next to the closed cash cycle inside the cash recycling ATS operators can realize closed cash cycles throughout a bank branch or retail store as well as between branches/stores in one organization. And for the very first time, cash cycles can be networked across industries and integrated in cash center processes. As a result of optimized cash handling, the CINEO C6040 enables operators to cut their costs and improve on security. Combined with innovative software and end-to-end cash management services, the system guarantees audit compliance and maximum transparency of all cash inventories at all times.



Installation types

·   Indoor frontload or rearload, freestanding


Banknote processing

·   Deposit/withdrawal up to 200 notes per bundle

·   Foreign object detection in the input/output tray

·   Recycles up to 8 denominations

·   Scalable cassette concept

·   Serial number recognition

·   Processes up to 120 denominations simultaneously


Note storage

·      4 drum modules

·      4 cassettes (incl. fill-level indicator)

·      Separate reject cassette



·      Different safes

·      Robbery alarm system

·      Intruder alarm system

·      Mechanical and electronic locks

·      Intelligent operator authentication via CrypTA Stick


Supporting Software

·      ATS software (online/offline): PC/E ATS Manager/ProAKT

·      Teller solution: PC/E Teller Operations

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