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DFA Corporation(DadehVarzi Faradis Alborz)

After a decade of activity under the title of support and production deputy offices in Informatics Services Corporation Faradis Alborz Company (shortly known as DFA) has begun its activities by operating its VSAT, VNB and additional equipments as the first company manufacturing and supporting centralized bank systems in Iran since 2004. Thanks to its high executive capability and the increased request levels in order to provide advanced services in the field of IT for the national bank network and so as to complete the chain of activities for providing hardware packages required by the clients. Relying on the efforts and specializations of over 670 experienced managers and experts, the company acquired the following achievements in the country. 
- Assembly, installation of more than 3000 Wincor Nixdorf ATM units.
- Manufacturing and installation of more than 300 Faradis ATM.
- Supporting 15000 ATMs.
Manufacturing and installation of over 7000 VSAT Terminal Systems.
Manufacturing and installation of 6500 VNB Systems.
Delivery installation of 250,000 POS terminals & sum assembely production.
- Development and localization of new ATM software namely “Farna”.

ISC Corporation

ISC is established by a team of highly qualified engineering and project management specialists dedicated to offering independent professional services in automation, computer system application and turnkey supply of systems to mainly Banks and Financial Institutions of the country according to the central bank of iran’s instructions. This team first commenced its operation in early 1994 in ISC, supporting different banks on various technical and business projects. From the beginning, ISC has applied a stringent code of professional ethics that dictates the constant adherence to the same high level of quality and integrity in the execution of all projects regardless of the size and importance of the project. Observance of established schedules and budgets and special attention given to the human aspects of engineering are direct corollaries stemming from this code of ethics as well as from the competence of ISC experts.Members of ISC, being completely aware of the fast and phenomenal evolution of computer science keep themselves abreast of the newest developments and techniques. They use their know-how to make decisions and judgments which are technically sound thereby ensuring the applicability of recent innovation to the real needs of their clients.


- Installation of the first VSAT terminal for the ATM banking system network.
- The first company supporting the centralized banking systems in the country.
- In charge of the largest ATM network in the country and the Middle East.
- Obtaining of certification from Iran Department of standards.
- Obtaining of the 1st Grade Manufacture Permission from the Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade.
- Member of State Organization of Computer industry.
-   Obtaining of the first position from the Iranian Higher Council of Informatics for the following :
• Manufacture and delivery of midrange computers.
• Provide support services.
• Manufacture and provide parts and accessories.
• Provide and support software packages.
• Data Networks.
• Consult and supervising the execution of informat ics projects.
• Having 109 operational offices all around the country with independent parts stock and repairs section. .




ISC has established a solid business relationship with local and overseas companies.
Its overseas partners in Software packages and solutions and Hardware are


- Assembly and manufacture of ATM systems and accessories.
- Install and support ATM systems.
- Repair and refurbishing the damaged ATM systems.
- Assembling and manufacturing and uploading POS Systems.
- Support and provide POS Services.
- Manufacture indoor and outdoor land based equipments of the VSAT Terminal and land support network.
- Manufacture WAN Network equipments.
- Execute and support WAN Networks.
- Execute and support Banking Automation System.
- Design and manufacture SST software packages.
- Design and manufacture SST hardware packages.
- Develop and localization all kinds of SSTs in the banking networks.
- Design and implementional monitoring and navigation systems in the banking networks.

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